Wifikill Apk Download v2.3.2 (Latest Version) – Install wifikill.apk App Free

Wifikill Apk Download, Install latest version app – wifikill.apk : You might be here for the wifikill.apk – Right? If yes, then don’t worry. Your search is over here. Wifikill Apk can do wonders like disabling internet from other devices connected to the same wifi network from your android phone easily. Wifi Kill is one of the best alternative of netcut app. So, Download Wifikill app now.

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wifikill apk download

Just in case, you’ve came here randomly and don’t know anything about Wifikill app, keep reading. I’ve to tell you some features about wifikill apk which might help you know more about this amazing app. Once you grab it, you’re going to love this app.

What is Wifi kill App?

Basically, Wifikill is a wifi network controller app. You can control who can connect to a Wifi network and can disconnect every one else on the same wifi network. It is a wonderful tool for wifi users. You can allocate all the bandwidth to yourself by cutting others people’s connection to that wifi network. The app requires root access and is android only. Checkout our android rooting guide to know about how rooting is done.

The best thing about Wifikill latest versionΒ is, it is completely free and you don’t even have to pay a single penny for this app. This is a complete win-win situation. Checkout the features of wifikill app below:

Features of Wifi Kill Apk

Wifikill app is having many great features, which you guys might like. Following are some features of wifikill apk, which you guys might like:

  1. You can see the list of people connected to the same wifi network.
  2. The app can also show data transfer rates of other devices.
  3. It can stop connectivity of other devices to that wifi network.
  4. Name of all the devices are also shown.
  5. Compatible on tablets also.
  6. The user interface is amazing, everything is easy to do.

How to Download Wifikill.Apk?

Click on the link given below to download wifikill app on your android smartphones(make sure your device is rooted before installing).

Wifikill Apk Download Free

You can also follow the step by step process given below to download and install wifikill apk on your android phones:

  • Click this link to download wifikill app.
  • Now, make sure your device is rooted before launching the apk file(You can root your device using the kingroot app easily – check our guide).
  • After that, launch the apk file and install it on your device(it will be done automatically).
  • Now, you’re free to use that app. Make sure not to play with public network, this post is for educational purpose only.
  • Play with the app and enjoy πŸ™‚

That’s all, now you’ve installed wifi kill apk on your android device, start playing with it.

Note : Keep in mind this post is for educational purpose only, and for any damage done we’re not responsible.

How to use Wifikill Apk?

For people finding it difficult to use wifikill app, we’ve shared a video tutorial below which you may find suitable and start learning about it:

Final Verdict

I hope you liked this post about Wifikill Apk Download v2.3.2 (Latest) – Install wifikill.apk App Free article. Please do checkout our other articles on Wifikill for PC, and Wifikill Download. Don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones on Facebook, Whatsapp and other social networking sites. Doubts and suggestions are welcomed. Do mention them in the comment section below. Keep visiting Adaway Apk download for more.

End note : As now you’ve killed other people using the same wifi connection, now you can stream videos fast. Download movietube apk for that.


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      Hello Varun, yet i don’t know any app which doesn’t requires rooting and have the same features as Wifikill. We will be posting an android tutorial – you will find it easy πŸ˜‰

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